Hi and welcome to my page ☺

I hope to be able to answer a few of your questions and let you know a little bit about me along the way.

How did I come to be a Doula?

I have given birth to two children and the experiences were very different from each other. My first delivery was a terrible experience with a high level of medical intervention. I was young, frightened, ill informed and ill prepared for the process that my body needed to go through.
The experience left me traumatised and begging doctors to tie my tubes. I plunged deeply into Post Natal Depression and struggled for some time to over come this.

When I became pregnant again quite some time after that, I was determined to find a better way. I knew women had been giving birth for thousands of years without medical intervention. I came across Calmbirth and it was wonderful. My second birthing experience was completely different.

One day, I hope to become qualified to become a Calmbirth instructor. However, I can offer referral to an experienced private practice Midwife who can teach you this wonderful technique.

I trained and practiced as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.

My professional experiences as a Nurse and my personal experiences as a woman who has given birth make me uniquely qualified and experienced to be the right Doula for you.

I am professional, calm, warm, supportive and informed.

Thank you for reading my story. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions ☺

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